Join us in building a Time Machine

Building a Time Machine

The Time Machine Organisation (TMO) is the place where all the visions, ideas, projects, research initiatives, collaborative explorations etc. aiming to unlock the Big Data of the Past are coming together!

You are more than welcome to join our ambitious adventure and become part of a unique alliance of dedicated scientists and visionaries.

Be invited to

Join with your institution and help us finance and support the Time Machine Organisation in fulfilling its envisioned tasks (see Operational Plan)

Join us as private person, becoming a Time Machine Supporter and be part of the Time Machine community

Help design the Time Machine infrastructure in our RFC process

Register your projects/research initiatives etc. as Local Time Machine Projects and help us enrich the Time Machine content and fill the Local Time Machines with life

Take advantage of our Project Scouting Services (as founding or regular member) to become part of international projects and consortia that drive forward the Time Machine Agenda