Leipzig 3D


Project duration: 2010 - 2030 Date coverage: 1015 - 1920 Website Contact

Digitization of the inner urban space in Leipzig has started as a private initiative by CAD professionals in about 2010. “Altes Leipzig” offers interlinked spatial data and individual/family level information as well as family games.

Torsten Wehlmann and the other participants in the private group “Altes Leipzig” have digitized the central urban space in Leipzig in a 3D model since 2010. Interlinkage to historical data is ongoing. A model for 1880-1920 is accessible online; more models for 1823, 1749 and 1015 are in preparation.

The project is part of a cooperation with the city archives of Leipzig and with the Verein für Computergenealogie.


Project lead

Torsten Wehlmann