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Date coverage: 1200 - 2020 Website

The Time Machine Lower Austria project is a feasability study within the context of the Time Machine organisation. Its goal is to analyze the data landscape of cultural heritage institutions in Lower Austria and to show possibilities to access and visualize this data. The origin of the data can be from archives, museums, libraries and other repositories.

In a first step the following data resources are relevant:

Additionally, available tools for automatic HTR and data analysis should be analyzed with respect to the usability within the Time Machine. Tools are e.g. Transkribus or Xarxes that could enrich the data and make it searchable. At the end of the study, a concept for the realisation of Time Machine Lower Austria will be presented, along with a concept for the visualisation of the data.

Project partners

Lead partners

  • 0011t00000TzaQHAAZ

Other partners

  • FH St. Pölten

With financial support by

Amt der NÖ Landesregierung, Abt. Kunst und Kultur