Project Scouting Service benefits

Service description

The Time Machine Project Scouting Service is a service offered exclusively to Time Machine Organisation (TMO) members. This Service enables members of the Time Machine network to have access to multi-partner European Union calls (e.g. EU Framework Programmes).

The Project Scouting team supports Time Machine members in the process of managing pre-proposal and proposal development stages. The Project Scouting Service furthermore ensures the implementation of a project participation scheme by TMO in project proposals. This participation in projects by TMO is coordinated by Time Machine members and targeted at EU calls for funding.

Time Machine members benefit from tailored services provided by the Project Scouting team such as the identification of relevant calls for proposals, drafting of capable project consortia, the development of project proposals and the direct collaboration with the Time Machine Organisation in project proposals.

What are the benefits?

The Project Scouting team is a one-stop-shop assistant for EU funding schemes. The Service provides a wide range of specialised services ranging from the initial identification of suitable calls to the final submission of proposals.

This way, Time Machine members receive access to funding resources, internal and external research as well as innovation skills. Furthermore, the Service enables enhanced partnerships and collaborations for greater research and innovation achievements. Finally, the Project Scouting Service paves the way for uptake of research results generated by joint efforts of the Time Machine Organisation and its members.

Which services are being offered?

Pre-proposal support services

  • Identification of relevant EU calls and funding schemes for research and innovation fields matching the objectives and scope of Time Machine
  • Identification of possible collaborators (European research and innovation actors, projects and initiatives) for targeted calls
  • Initiation of possible partnerships with identified collaborators for targeted calls

Proposal support services

  • Assistance for Time Machine members in the proposal preparation process. Access to project writing and evaluation services are enabled
  • Provision of related work programmes, call texts, guidelines, documents, rules of proposal preparation, funding and submission

Networking support

  • Organisation of partnering meetings, networking and brokerage events as well as call/project-based workshops for selected calls and targeted audiences
  • Provision of partnering tools (European Commission and National Contact Point projects), project databases, events, info days and conferences