Johan Oomen (Netherlands)

Johan Oomen is Head of Research and Heritage Services at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and a researcher at the User-Centric Data Science group of the VU University Amsterdam. Throughout his practice, Oomen works on initiatives that focus on providing access to digital heritage. Next to projects at Sound and Vision, Oomen works on international collaborative projects such as Europeana XX, CLARIAH, and ReTV. He has a background in information science, media studies and computer science, and his current research focuses on the relationship between participatory culture and institutional policy. Oomen has worked for the British Universities Film and Video Council and commercial broadcaster RTL Nederlands. Next to his position as ambassador for Time Machine, he is Advisory Board member of the Europeana Foundation, Chair or the the EUscreen Foundation, and board member of the PublicSpaces Foundation. Oomen is an advisor to the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Dutch National Research Council for Cultural Heritage, and co-chair of The Netherlands Heritage Network.